Hakone Kanaya Hotel Hospitality

If you go to the cleaners today,
"There was something like a card in your cardigan pocket."
I wonder what it is、、、

Uck! !

Hakone Kanaya Hotel Card Key (Sweat)

I've come home with you (big sweat)

The character of the label of the 90th anniversary wine "Hishiyama" of Kanaya Hotel sightseeing was made, so I invited you and went there.

I'm really sorry m.(__)M

Kanaya Hotel Kanko opened KANAYA RESORT HAKONE in Hakone in 2017, following Kinugawa Kanaya Hotel, Kinugawa Onsen Hotel and THE KEY HIGHLAND NASU


Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, I have enjoyed a blissful time with the quietness that the corona seems somewhere far away and the Japanese hospitality that I can be proud of in the world.

I will add an image of the room and the meal.