Storm NEWS

In today's practice

I was troubled by a typhoon coming to the exhibition.〜。。。 The concert two years ago and the exhibition of Daikanyama in the previous year came to a typhoon, and it was difficult. And again this year、、、。 I wonder if I'm O, To, ko calling the storm."

Mr. Tamami K"Speaking of Arashi, I say that Sakurai-kun and Aiba-kun are getting married today, so everyone around me is zawazawa."

I said, "Erh.⁉️ Did Sakurai-kun and Aiba-kun go out with me?⁉️

Tamami K"No, you're going to marry another woman."

I'm like, "Hey,〜Well, if they were to get married, it's great news, but it's not news apart from women.〜。 It's not NEWS, it's Arashi."

Good, I(^_-)-☆