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Shimako Festival as a guest



志麻子さん、35周年&お誕生日おめでとうございま〜I'm in.

ShizukaShosho Exhibition closes safely

ShizukaShosho Exhibition closes safely




The last day of fine weather


It's fine.

We had the most refreshing morning of the year.

I wanted people all over the world to go home thinking, "Japan is a good country that is easy to spend" by holding the Olympics at such a pleasant time.

This is the first shizukasho exhibition in four years.

On the last day, we will welcome you with proper infection control m(_ _)m

The last day of the ShizukaSho Exhibition

When I opened Facebook this morning, today's article 6 years ago popped up.
After all it is the same quiet book exhibition!〜。

Well, today is the last day.

This is the 6th floor gallery of Ito-Yokado in front of Soka Station East Exit Station.

We sincerely wait for you.

ShizukaShoSho Exhibition Day 2

Good morning.〜I'm in.

It is fine after a typhoon.

Thank you very much to everyone who came out in the storm on the first day of the Shizuka Shosho Exhibition yesterday.

We sincerely look forward to your coming today in a pleasant autumn^_^

Shizuka Bushi Calligraphy Exhibition on the Day of Full Bloom of Ryukyu Morning Glory

In our house in Soka, the Ryukyu morning glory is in full bloom.(´▽`)/

But it's facing south, so all the flowers are over there. A little disappointing(;_;)

And finally, from tomorrow 10/1, shizukashosho exhibition. I'm glad the impact of the typhoon didn't seem to be great.

Shizuka Bushi Calligraphy Exhibition
10January 1, 1 p.m.:00〜7 p.m.:00
10June 2, 10 a.m.:00〜7 p.m.:00
10March 3, 10 a.m.:00〜6 p.m.:00
Acos Gallery, 6F Ito-Yokado, Ekimae, Soka Station East Exit

Shizuka Bushi Calligraphy Exhibition

Shizuka Bushi Calligraphy Exhibition

We will hold an exhibition hosted by Hideo Yamazaki, mainly for students in the Soka classroom.
Of course, we also offer new works by Hideo Yamazaki, but about 130 student works will be on display.
We sincerely look forward to welcoming you to our venue.
* In addition, for the holding in corona evil, tea and sweets are not served.
In addition, please understand that we refrain from congratulating, flowers, sweets, etc.

○ Period : 10Friday, January 1〜10Sunday, March 3
10 a.m.:00〜7 p.m.:00
※1 pm on the first day:00から
※The last day is 6 pm:00Until
○The place : Tobu Skytree Line Soka Ekimae East Exit Akos Gallery (Ito-Yokado 6F)

With the lottery

With the lottery

The documentary film "Lottery" by photographer, documentarian and film director Brah Ishikawa was released the other day.

Ten years ago, I wrote the title of the novel "Whaler", and I continued to write the title of the movie "Whaler".
※The character of the poster is a character of the personal computer.

It is an island where whale fishing in Indonesia is a livelihood, and it is a work that took many years to photograph the life bargaining between whales and whales who fish for them.

When fishing begins in the deep blue of the sea and the quiet sea, the blue of the sea is stained with whale blood, and the last resistance of sperm whales that drags the whale who shot the harpoon the most to the bottom of the sea. I'm so breathless in the fierce battle that I think my heart will pop out.

For details, please search for "Lottery" and go see it.

Summer Summer Bamboo Wind Cool



Summer Summer Bamboo Wind Cool